Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Summer!

Hi, everyone! I took way too long to get this tagger kit to you but I had to resize all my templates and it took forever. I have a LOT of templates! This is a fairly large file (almost 9 MB) but there is a lot of stuff in it. There are 12 papers but a ton of elements. One hat/tip here. The seagulls are tubes that my friend known as CherWitz tubed. Thank you! Please note two things about the preview. First, the elements are greatly reduced in size in order to fit them all on the preview. Second, there is no drop shadow on any of the elements - just in this preview. I hope you can use the kit for some fun and beautiful tags. You can pick up the file at my 4shared account here.

Please enjoy! Stay cool and put on lots of sunscreen, okay? :)