Monday, September 20, 2010

Gold Light Alpha

Hi, again! I promised you some freebies so here is the first one. I have no idea why I didn't finish the steps necessary to send this alpha to you. I created it in June but didn't upload it to 4shared or make a preview, much less upload it to Photobucket!
In any event, I now have TWO alphas to share. This is called Gold Light since I had previously made a gold alpha and this is a lighter gold with fancy designs in it. The alpha was created using a style by Graphics by Liz (the link will take you to the Secret City Treasures store where you can buy the styles). I tested this style for her and there are several in the group that are truly awesome.

I have uploaded the zip file to my 4shared account and you can click this link to get the file.

I have another alpha that I'll be sharing in the next day or two depending on my time here. Hope you enjoy this one!


Betty Benton said...

Very elegant -- thank you!

Lauralee said...

Thanks for sharing your time and talent on the

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All Good Things!
Laura Lee