Monday, March 22, 2010

New March Flower tubes

Hello, everyone! The bulbs have finally started peeking up. I have been waiting for them and, so far, we have had purple crocuses and orange tulips. However, the orange tulip that bloomed has a gorgeous black center. Needless to say, I took photos and have now tubed them. Below are the previews:

Orange Tulip 1

Orange Tulip 2

Purple Crocus 1

Purple Crocus 2 - my personal favorite. I love how the light hit the center.

You can purchase these tubes at Secret City Treasures for only $2! Once you log in, be sure and take a look at all the wonderful new scripts, kits and other stuff. All our designers have been busy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hanna Update

So many of you have emailed me with thoughts and prayers for Hanna. She met her goal (lol) and got to come home yesterday. I stopped over there with Aly yesterday and she looked really good. She didn't go to school today so that she could stay quiet but she is so much better that it'll be hard to keep her down, I think. She is still hoarse and coughing quite a bit but that is normal and to be expected. My daughter was just exhausted since she stayed with Hanna in the hospital and didn't get a lot of sleep while she was there. I am sure she was in bed by 8 last night. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts for our sweet girl. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Flower Tubes

Wow, I meant to post this announcement two days ago but have been involved helping my daughter with Hanna, who has been very ill. In fact, she is in the hospital and has been since yesterday. She has pneumonia and was not responding the antibiotic prescribed for her and took a turn for the worse yesterday afternoon. That was when Sue (my daughter) took her back to the E.R. and the hospital admitted her. So I took care of Joshua both Monday and Tuesday and Aly today - been crazy here. I am pleased and blessed to tell you that Hanna is doing much, much better. When I went to see her late this afternoon, she had color back in her face, was no longer on oxygen and not running any fever. Her goal, she told me, was that she wanted to go home tomorrow. She says the food isn't good and she didn't sleep well last night. :)
Anyway, I uploaded these two new tubes to the store at Secret City Treasures over the weekend and had intended to tell you all about them on Monday. The first is another lavender rose - can you tell how much I love these? The funny thing is that the actual flower is not all that pretty; it is the opening bud that I love so much.

The second tube is one I did from a photo of one of the beautiful orchids that my daughter-in-law has grown from my mom's orchid plants. Both she and my son take good, loving care of the plants and the results are stunning. It is normally not a warm enough climate here for them but they fixed up a "lean-to" type thing along with shade cloth to protect them from the hot sun and keep them warm in our cold winters. My son then put a mister system over them. Well, they are just lovely!

Click on over to Secret City Treasures, log in and take a look at all the designers' new items while you are there. Oh, just so you know, my friend, Liz, is the owner of Secret City Treasures and she offers a service of tubing elements for you. She is an awesome tuber too. Come check my new goodies!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Addon

As promised, I have made some more papers and flowers for the St. Patrick's day kit. I also created some accents and linen backgrounds that are included. I will be posting tonight some new "professional" tubes that I will be placing in the Secret City Treasures store later today. I'll send the previews through then.

You can pick up the zip for the above (everything is shown here, by the way) at Secret City Treasures by simply logging on and, after looking around :), click on this preview to get the download. Also at Secret City Treasures is the kit for the taggers, both the main kit and this addon.
If you'd rather pick these up at my 4shared, here are the links: Addon kit here and the addon kit for taggers is here. The main kit for the taggers you will find here. This should you all busy, I think! Please enjoy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

St. Patrick's Day kit - FREE!

Hi, everyone, I trust you all are well and busy as I am. :) I realized last weekend that my goal of doing a kit for St. Patrick's Day wasn't going to happen until I started! I intended to do a mini-kit but, as usual, I got carried away and the kit is over 65mb. What can I say? That is the reason for only 9 papers. I will create some more papers and perhaps some backgrounds for you over the weekend.

Also, there aren't that many flowers and I want to make more of those. The preview is a sample of what is in the kit as far as elements. There are lots of each category for you.
You may get the kit at Secret City Treasures - just click on the link and log into the store to get the files. There are two zip files which I hope helps those of you on dial-up. Be sure and look around the store at the beautiful work of the designers and script writers. There are also services being offered now. The kit is also uploaded to my 4shared account - the links are zip1 and zip2. Have fun with the kit!