Friday, January 15, 2010

New Alpha and Changes!

Hello, everyone! I have decided to make a few changes in the new year that I hope you will like. First, I will be offering for very low cost templates you can use in creating your kits. They are all to be grayscale and items I have created from scratch. I have my first venture in 2010 in the preview below. It is called Puffy Felt Alpha Template.

In this preview, there is a gray scale letter so you can see what they look like before colorizing. For purposes of making this preview, I had to resize each letter by half. The letters are at least one inch wide and/or one inch high so they will look great and be highly visible on your pages. You can use them on children's pages, holidays, whatever. The best part? It is only ONE DOLLAR! All the letters of the alphabet and numbers are included in the zip. You can find the alpha at GBL Creations in my store. Be sure and look at the awesome new scripts and kits that we have now too! Don't worry I will still be sending lots of freebies through here and I hope to have one ready for you by the end of next week
I had mentioned to you that there are changes in the works for GBL Creations and there will be a general announcement soon. I am really excited about what's coming in yours and my way! I can't tell you any more just yet but soon! I am confident you will like what the owners are doing.
Lastly, it is the 15th of the month and I had said I was going to delete a bunch of zip files from 4shared. Since I didn't remind you like I said I would (I just forgot and the 15th got here so fast!), I will leave them in place until Sunday, midnight PST (I guess that is actually Monday?) before deleting them. I will be removing some old posts too. My new policy for freebies will be I will leave the zipped files at my 4shared for two months, then remove them. Please note though that you can STILL get them at GBL Creations through the store. So take a look over the weekend by going through earlier posts and grab what you want. Have a great weekend!

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