Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Snowflakes and Showing Off

Hanna and I spent an afternoon at my friends' house during Christmas vacation and my friend took a pretty good photo of us. Well, naturally, I had to scrap it somehow so I took the papers and elements from the Winter Cocoa kit and the snowflakes from 2008 Christmas 2 kit. I put together a zip file of just the snowflakes for you that I hope you can use in the your winter pages.

You can pick up the snowflakes at GBL Creations or my 4shared account here. Since there is nothing above that indicates the snowflakes are a freebie, they ARE a freebie that you can use for commercial use. Please see my Terms of Use included in the zip. I want to make it clear that I did not put together this quick page for your use but, rather, the snowflakes. I realized too late that I could have easily made this a quick page unfortunately. The snowflakes are large enough to go onto a 12x12 inch page. In fact, the preview you see above is a greatly reduced one from the 3600x3600 quick page. I hope you can use them and thanks for looking at us! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Love Music kit

Hello, everyone! Sorry I didn't get this to you as promised last week but I had unexpected grandma duty from Thursday night through last night. This is a large kit - four zip files that total about 114 mb, give or take a bit. There are 18 papers, backgrounds, bows, frames, etc. but some really fun stuff you can use for Valentine's Day or any other romantic moment. There are hearts, straps, buckles, candy, heart suckers, 45 rpm records (some of you may have never seen these!), etc. I got carried away making ribbons - there are 16, I think. lol The preview below is ONLY a sampling of the elements and the elements are greatly reduced in size. There is, of course, no drop shadow on the elements.

There are two ways to get this free kit - you may log in to GBL Creations and navigate to my store or you can download the zips at my 4shared account. Zip 1, Zip 2, Zip 3, Zip 4. REMINDER: These zip files will be available for two months then taken down. I will try to remember to give you a heads up before they are removed though. Fair enough? By the way, be sure and take a look at all the new Paint Shop Pro scripts at GBL Creations from Bonnie, Cindy and Joanne (I am sure there is at least one other person but I can't remember her name). Enjoy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Alpha and Changes!

Hello, everyone! I have decided to make a few changes in the new year that I hope you will like. First, I will be offering for very low cost templates you can use in creating your kits. They are all to be grayscale and items I have created from scratch. I have my first venture in 2010 in the preview below. It is called Puffy Felt Alpha Template.

In this preview, there is a gray scale letter so you can see what they look like before colorizing. For purposes of making this preview, I had to resize each letter by half. The letters are at least one inch wide and/or one inch high so they will look great and be highly visible on your pages. You can use them on children's pages, holidays, whatever. The best part? It is only ONE DOLLAR! All the letters of the alphabet and numbers are included in the zip. You can find the alpha at GBL Creations in my store. Be sure and look at the awesome new scripts and kits that we have now too! Don't worry I will still be sending lots of freebies through here and I hope to have one ready for you by the end of next week
I had mentioned to you that there are changes in the works for GBL Creations and there will be a general announcement soon. I am really excited about what's coming in yours and my way! I can't tell you any more just yet but soon! I am confident you will like what the owners are doing.
Lastly, it is the 15th of the month and I had said I was going to delete a bunch of zip files from 4shared. Since I didn't remind you like I said I would (I just forgot and the 15th got here so fast!), I will leave them in place until Sunday, midnight PST (I guess that is actually Monday?) before deleting them. I will be removing some old posts too. My new policy for freebies will be I will leave the zipped files at my 4shared for two months, then remove them. Please note though that you can STILL get them at GBL Creations through the store. So take a look over the weekend by going through earlier posts and grab what you want. Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi, everyone, and happy 2010 to you. We had our usual quiet evening but I have to tell you how lame we are. I was getting my pajamas on and hubby said, "Do you hear that?" I said, "it sounds like rain" and he says "no, hail!" I came into our computer area as he opened the sliding glass door and we see nothing. It was then I looked at the digital clock above my desk and we both felt was midnight and we were hearing fireworks! Slipped right up on us, it did. :)
I apologize for not getting this kit to you earlier this week but I did have a busy one and it was all I could do to finish it, keep up with email and stuff here in real life. I hope you can use it to scrap your photos you took last night - oh, you did take photos, right? Besides 18 papers, there are the usual elements plus some hats, crepe streamers, and other party elements you can use. I have uploaded the two zip files to both GBL Creations (some news about that in a minute) and to my 4shared. You MAY experience some difficulties at GBL since there are changes in the works but just go to my 4shared and get the zips there or, if you see some other things you'd like to grab/buy, contact the webmaster, Liz. I am not going to announce the upcoming changes until they are "official" but look for great ones! I think you will be pleased with them.

Here is the link for my 4shared files. There are two zips: zip1 and zip2
Have fun with the kit and I pray that the New Year will be joyful, prosperous and healthy for you all.