Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Addon

I bet you all thought I had fallen in a hole or something. Nope, just been busy with Christmas stuff. Today was the last event until the "BIG DAY". The girls (Aly and Hanna) came over and built/decorated gingerbread houses and had a wonderful time. This is the 5th year I have done this with them but the building part is a first for them. I figured at 12 and 9 that they could put the houses together, right? They did pretty good too. Photos later - I want to scrap them, of course.

Two things to share with you. First, I uploaded the CmasJoy taggers' kit this evening to my 4shared site. In case you want a reminder of what the kind includes, see previews below. You download link for the taggers' kit is here.



For the taggers, there is just ONE zip file, however. I didn't upload this zip to GBL Creations so 4shared is the only place to get the file.

Second, I made an Add-on kit for you over the weekend. I recently updated the tuts by Dizzie (Dizzinc) and she has lots of fun, new things to do. Check this page for a preview of all the tutorials included for $20. When I first started learning Paint Shop Pro, I found her website with tons of tuts. Most were way beyond my ability at the time but loved her creations. She is a very talented tutorial writer and each tutorial in this zip (you can also get them on a CD) has plenty of screen shots and the steps are explained very well. Be sure and took a look if you want some great tuts. There are not only things for scrapping but furniture and other things to make. Below is the preview of the Add-on:

This zipped file is available at GBL Creations AND 4shared. Simply log into GBL Creations and navigate to my store and pick up the free download. The link for 4shared is here.
Reminder! I will be deleting zip files at my 4shared on January 15 so be sure and take a look at previous posts to see if there is anything you'd like to have.
Please enjoy all! :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally! 2009 Christmas Joy kit

Well, I hope you didn't give up on me but this has been one hectic week through today even! With the normal weekly pick up of grandchildren, I had Christmas and birthday shopping to do plus I had a get-together today of the Local Chapter of Paperback Swap. I came home after that (and thank God we broke off early) and worked on my laptop so my daughter could use it as a DVD player tonight for the BIG slumber party. Hanna turned 9 on Wednesday and she is having her first, ever, slumber party tonight. She has had a big week. Oh, for her birthday present from her parents, she got her ears pierced. She was SO excited by that.

Okay, now on to the kit. I actually finished it a few days ago but just wasn't here at my computer long enough to get all that needed to be done to get it published here. It is now ready. Whew! As I mentioned, it IS a big kit (almost 200mb) and I hope you enjoy all of it. There are two sections to it: first the papers.

There are 24 papers and I honestly don't know why they are so big in kb size but they are. There are TWO zip files that you can get at GBL Creations - once you log in, click on "add" and proceed through the checkout pages, you'll see both zips to download. I split them up for those of you who have slower connection speeds. Freebie is no longer available. Now the elements:

This is just a sampling of the elements because there are so many different things in this kit that you'd get a fuzzy idea of what it all is if I put everything in this preview. As usual, there are no drop shadows on them - ever! Again, just hop on over to GBL Creations and grab the files there. Freebie is no longer available. I do hope you make some fabulous pages for your scrapbooks with all this stuff. I really had fun learning new techniques and using shortcuts. I love making grayscale elements and then colorizing away! :) Please remember if you have any problems getting the files at GBL Creations, you can email me or Liz, the store owner for help. Please enjoy! Oh, the letter ornaments are in a separate file that I'll send you tomorrow night. I can barely keep my eyes open here.