Monday, November 9, 2009

Autumn09 Alpha1

I played yesterday in Photoshop. Using a style that I created, I came up with a new alpha that uses the colors of the Autumn09 kit that I shared a couple of days ago. I did the letters so that every sixth color is repeated - so there are six of the dark green, six of the dark brown, etc. Hope that makes sense. I used a brush that ships with Photoshop for grungy look. I made a quick page today using the kit that I'll share in a day or so. THEN I made another alpha today in Paint Shop Pro. I really like alphas on scrap pages...I have seen some awesome layouts using large letters around the 'net and in magazines.

I also have made some new elements and papers for the kit. I am using this kit to test new ideas so I hope you like them! As usual, you can get this alpha FREE at GBL Creations. Log in the store and you'll see all the new things I made! Be sure and look at the new items and scripts; there are some awesome ones! Enjoy.


makeyesup said...

Thanks, both alphas and the kit are lovely. Great work. Question, why do you not include the preview in your zip file? I use them for the picture on the folder so that I can find what I want to use without opening every folder. You do make them very attractive too.

BusyBee said...

In case I forgotten to leave praises after I have been blessed by your beautiful kits, Thanks so much! I am so appreciative of all your hard work and generous sharing. You Feminine and Autumn09 are my favorites today, tomorrow it will be your next kit, I'm sure >;o) Thanks again!