Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ten Day Give

I think you all know that I love to give stuff away. Ever since I started learning Paint Shop Pro and meeting others who were in Yahoo groups, etc., one thing I noticed is that people in the graphics community love to help and share with others. Yes, I know there are some who do not and are ugly about it, on top of it. But, for the majority, due to others' generosity, I create today things that others have shown me how to create. The same is true for Photoshop now.
I am truly grateful to those of you who have purchased some of my kits, alphas, etc. I don't want you to think that I am not grateful. I just love to give better than charge for my stuff. That is why I started making freebies for you all. I apologize for so little that I have shared this week but I have had grandma duty every day this week and am hardly keeping up with email much less doing any creating. I plan on doing some this weekend but my time is limited there too.
Regarding the giving, I wanted to invite you to join me in the "Ten Day Give" promoted by Bob at Christian Personal Finance. Beginning October 1, for ten days, those of us who have signed up, have committed to give something (money, time, objects, etc.) to others every day for ten days. See this site for details. I think you'll have fun doing this and experience the joy of giving right along with me!

I hope to see you join me! Look for new goodies over the weekend too. :)

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Ryan said...

This will be our first time to participate in the 10 Day Give! We are super excited!! It reminds my wife and I of being back in college participating in Jar Wars or in the Sacrificial Giving Project at the Baptist Student Ministry. The 10 Day Give is such a great opportunity to serve God, to come together as believers, encourage each other, and to feed off of each others experiences and stories as we give of our money and our selves. Give On!